Sherline Micro-lathe by Jerry Keiffer

February 3 & 4, 2018

8 AM (sharp) to 4:30 PM

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Limited to 8 students

Course Fee $200


Introduction: This special 2 day class offers an opportunity to participate first hand in a once in a lifetime event for those interested in lathe work using the Sherline.  Jerry Kieffer will lead this class with support from some of our chapter Sherline “lathe lovers”.   Experience using the Sherline lathe (or any lathe with an understanding of the concepts involved) would be a bit of a benefit to the student.  However Jerry has described this to be a class for the beginner with an open mind and a willingness to learn.  Jerry’s work experience using the Sherline has been described as “challenge driven”.  His classroom approach is not just describing HOW something is done, but he often strikes out and DEMONSTATES the approach and offers the student an opportunity to do the same. 

What you will learn: This is a “learn-by-doing” event so the short description – you will learn and do things you didn’t think you could do using a Sherline.  You’ll see special tools and fixtures you can later make, and witness techniques you can apply to enhance your future Sherline experiences.  You will personally make cuts using your Sherline, you thought were impossible.  You’ll discover ways to make your future Sherline experiences more efficient and enjoyable.  Truly a learn by doing experience and a witness to things you just don’t see in books.

What you will need: This class is about using a Sherline lathe, so having one for class use is a must.  In addition to the lathe, several standard Sherline accessories, and a specific Non-Sherline tool and parts list critical to realizing the full benefit of this class will be sent to those registering for the class (about $100 for these tools/parts).  For chapter members who don’t have or can’t secure a Sherline lathe for use during class, a limited number of chapter owned Sherline lathes are available – coordinate this with one of the chapter helpers listed below.

 Note:  In addition to course registration and the cost of all required tools, a lab fee of $20 will be collected on the first day of class to help defray the cost of Chapter tool usage and cover consumable material costs used in the workshop.

Special Guest Instructor: Jerry Kieffer

Chapter helpers:

Bruce Wooldridge (                        

Mark Vozar (                                                                   

Barry Kilfoy (



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