"Top 25 Tips for Clock Repair”

Jigs and Tips to Simplify Your Clock Repair Work

By Mike Dempsey


Note: This Class has been expanded into 2 Sessions

(Session 1 attendance is required to attend Session 2) 


First Day Session” Lecture with Fixture Demonstration(s) – includes Q&A session with Mike Dempsey


Second Day Session (optional): Select and Construct a “Fixture” (using your lathe* & tools)

(* a limited number of “Chapter lathes” is available for use – Contact Ed Director or Bruce Wooldridge for availability)


This material is a mixture of lecture, demonstrations and “Hands-on” work. This course (with optional 2nd day) covers special jigs, techniques, tips, and tricks to build upon your existing clock repair skills.  Selected material and detailed drawings of “one-of-a-kind jigs” are provided as part of the class (first day), enabling participants to build these extremely useful tools/fixtures on their own at home.  The second day class is an option for those who actually want to build one of the fixtures.  Participants can select a fixture and purchase a kit of material needed for its construction using their own lathe and tools.  (A limited number of Chapter lathes are available for loan.)


It is unlikely the information presented in this class is available anywhere else since all come from the personal experience of Mike Dempsey.  Topics covered in this outstanding class include:


This material is based on Mike Dempsey’s 30 years’ experience of teaching and commercial clock repair.  Many of these tips and jigs would be considered “trade secrets” that clockmakers wouldn’t share with others.  Mike’s philosophy is to happily share this information in hopes that participants will in turn pass their knowledge along to others when they return home.  All of the information is copyrighted but participants are welcome to share this information as long as appropriate credit is given to the author - but under no circumstances may any content these materials be sold.

Sign up now for one or both sessions –

October 13        SR-25A 25 Tips for Clock Repair-A by Mike Dempsey (Lecture/Demo)

October 14        SR-25B 25 Tips for Clock Repair-B by Mike Dempsey (Lab)


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