Self Winding Clock Repair


Next Workshop Dates: June 2 - 3, 2018

From 9 am to 5 pm

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Prerequisite(s): CR-100 and bushing skills

Introduction: This class is designed to instruct students in the basic repair of clocks manufactured by the Self Winding Clock Co. of New York, NY. Specifically, we will only address repair of the “F” movement (the most common movement produced). The clock movement consists of two main components: a time-only clock movement and a “motor” to wind the mainspring. These clocks were made in a variety of shapes, sizes and case styles, but the basic “F” movement did not change. If time permits, we will discuss the synchronization feature and the sweep seconds variation.

What you will learn: We will address the peculiarities of dismantling the clock (with attention to not damaging the wiring). All students will clean their movement, address typical wear issues, polish pivots, replace bushings, etc. You will reassemble and test the motor before adding the clock parts. Once fully reassembled, you will test your clock.

Tools and supplies you will need: Refer to the list needed for CR100. If you plan on signing up for the class, contact the instructor for a more specific list of tools. (i.e. you will NOT need spring clamps or a let-down tool.) Two “D” batteries with battery holders OR a 3-volt power supply.

Note: In addition to course registration, a lab fee of $10 will be collected to help defray the cost of a workbook that the student will keep.

Instructor: John Acker

Phone: 972-571-0663

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