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Notice about FSW – Field Suitcase Workshop:

Classes for Field Suitcase Courses sanctioned by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) are often hosted locally by Chapter 124 and listed on our Education Web page.  “On-Line” registration for these courses (denoted by an "*FSW##" as listed in the Chapter Education Schedule) is not currently provided and is handled separately from most of the Chapter courses.  (See additional information about FSW classes below.)

For questions about, or to complete registration for listed FSW classes, please contact:

Mark Vozar, FSW Coordinator for F101, F102, F103, F104, F200, F201 & F202

Phone: 817-399-9894


Bill Andrle, FSW Coordinator for F301

Phone: 254-829-1559


Field Suitcase Workshops – FSW Classes (FSW):

NAWCC sponsors a series of classes offered under the label of Field Suitcase Workshops (FSW). Some of these are offered at the National NAWCC Headquarters in Columbia, Pennsylvania and others are offered locally and sponsored through Chapter 124. To view a list of available FSW courses, course descriptions and courses currently scheduled, go to the NAWCC website, type “FSW” into the search area and click the search button. Then click on FSW Info – the NAWCC and FSW Course List and Description – the NAWCC. Some of FSW classes have titles similar to local Chapter 124 classes such as F101 – Introduction to Basic Time and Strike…The American Kitchen Clock. In the past Chapter 124 has offered F200, F201, F202 and F501. The classes offered vary depending on sufficient student interest and instructor availability.

See our Catalog of Workshops for more information:

(CR = Clock Repair; WR = Watch Repair; SR = Special Repair: TE = Tools/Equipment … etc.)



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