Hello Chapter 124!

My name is William Rankin Slough, but most know me as Bill. I joined Chapter 124 and the NAWCC in 2006. My parents Hugh and Evelyn Slough introduced me to Chapter 124 because of my love for clocks and pocket watches. I’m a loving husband to Cathy, father of two sons Trent and Chris, a daughter in-law Amy and a grandfather to a granddaughter Briar who calls me Papi. Chapter 124 to me is an extension to my Family.

My goal during my term is to get the Chapter 124 schedule back to normal every month. During 2020 we as a family had to be only communicating by email or phone. I plan to get classes and open benches scheduled every month. One Days with lecturer or demos so we are able to meet and greet with each other. We have plans to have auctions for this fall. I`m working hard with the board to make sure we have a wonderful 2022 Regional for next year.

We are still looking for people to join the board of directors as well as people to assist us with projects.


Bill Slough

President, Chapter 124

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